“We’re always motivated to try something new. We don’t want to do the same thing over and over and over again, so basically, the challenge is, “How can we do this? How can we create a new production that is engaging, and interesting, and powerful?” - Kevin Barnes, of Montreal

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of Montreal

of Montreal - Our Love is Senile

I am loving these new (old) songs.

Our Love is Senile of Montreal Daughter of Cloud

of Montreal/Instant Witch - Tender Fax

I remember when I first heard this song. It was in Pomona a few years ago, back when James was still in the band. It was a great show, I still have video I took of this song posted on Facebook. I am so happy there’s finally a recording of this song.

I guess its release means Instant Witch never panned out.

Instant Witch of Montreal Tender Fax Daughter of Cloud



“Feminine Effects” by of Montreal

He can seriously do anything he wants with music for the rest of his life and I will be the happiest person on this planet. 

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of Montreal Daughter of Cloud

i love how we’re learning from each other, you are such a positive, you’re so empowering
in your hands i’m quite simply a different instrument, and you’re the only one that ever put money on me, you think that i’d forget so easily?

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of Montreal Paralytic Stalks Authetic Pyrrhic Remission

of Montreal - Ye, Renew the Plantiff

I’ve inherited spiritual sanctions for some old ancestral crime
It was committed long ago but the punishments absorbed all down the family line
Everyone’s so unstable on my mother’s side and emotionally barren on my father’s side
Tell me how can i attempt to atone for somebody else’s willful ignorance?

All I care about at the moment. Also the fact that Kevin made a Spotify playlist for CoS with Buffalo Springfield and Sufjan Stevens. 

of Montreal Paralytic Stalks Ye Renew the Plantiff

of Montreal/Jon Brion - First Time High (Of Chicago Acoustic Version)

Does she know, you should know
That I am not just searching for some first time high?
I know it’s all about perceptions
And I accept you as my very first mover

of Montreal First Time High An Eluardian Instance Jon Brion Remix EP